Customized Packaging

Putting together customized packaging has never been simpler!
Atelier Tomassini offers customers a catalogue that is very easy to consult and the Atelier Book that so you can immediately get an idea of the final appearance.
Download our CATALOGUE!

Food-Grade Products

Atelier Tomassini guarantees customers the certainty of a product that meets all current legislation.
Thanks to Pe Protect, it provides key information for everyone involved along the commercial chain.



INNOVATION & QUALITY Creating value for our customers inspires us to innovate constantly: we're talking about intelligent packaging that COMMUNICATES through PE-Protect. Atelier Tomassini products are 100% MADE IN ITALY.


Design We draw our inspiration from everything around us, bearing our customers' needs in mind. We tap into trends and transfer the essential elements of Italian design to all our products.


Pe-Protect This printing and polycoating process, created to guarantee maximum food safety, protects products against moisture and provides sturdier packaging.
And this means protecting the food it contains.


UMBRIA: EXCELLING SINCE 2013 Our strength lies in our use of the expertise we have acquired in order to respect the high standards of the industrial sector with Tecnocarta, for cake packaging that isn't just a container but that COMMUNICATES its great innovation.

News in 2014

News in 2014 With Atelier Tomassini packaging, thanks to our Research & Development Department you will always be a step ahead of the competition, confident that you are satisfying your customers. Discover all our latest news!

Eco Atelier

Eco Atelier All our boxes reflect our eco-sustainable research, quality, and development. Our boxes are printed with water-base ink, are made from regenerated cardboard, and are recyclable.


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